Tips for Avoiding a License Suspension in New Jersey

Bergen County attorneys counsel drivers in jeopardy of losing their driving privileges
For most Bergen County residents, driving privileges are essential. If you’ve accumulated points on your license and fear that another infraction could result in a license suspension, the Law Offices of Richard S. Greenberg is here to help. Our defense attorneys have vast experience fighting traffic violations to get charges reduced or dismissed. We’ve helped numerous drivers preserve their driving privileges, and we can help you too.

What to do if you’re on the brink of a license suspension in New Jersey
In New Jersey, drivers who accumulate 12 points or more on their licenses face a suspension and a $100 restoration fee. If you’re approaching that limit, here are some things you can do:

Enroll in a defensive driving program — Once every five years you may use this option to have two points deducted. You may also pick up some tips for avoiding future infractions.
Take a driver improvement course — You can use this option to deduct three points every two years.
Drive carefully — This should be obvious, but if you’re in danger of losing your license, you’ve developed some bad habits that lead to driving mistakes. Take time to reflect on the contributing factors that led to your poor decisions. Were you driving angry? Running late? Engaged in animated discussion with passengers or distracted by a cell phone? If you can eliminate pressures and distractions, you can better concentrate on safe driving. Plus, for every year you drive without accumulating points, New Jersey deducts three points from your record.
Fight all subsequent moving violations — If you’re charged again with a penalty-point traffic offense, you have no choice but to fight the ticket and challenge the state to make its case against you. But don’t go to court alone. You’ve got too much riding on the outcome to rely on anything less than an experienced traffic offense attorney.


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