Accident Injury Law: Personal Injury Cases

The Steps Of Personal Injury Litigation

Many individuals that are looking at hiring an attorney for personal injury litigation might not fully realize the steps included. This could be a confusing procedure to many people. A basic understanding can help you understand the procedure once they have hired a lawyer. The process will function the exact same for both victims and defendants.personal injury attorneys

The very first step that occurs once you have found your attorney is the filing of the complaint in a courthouse. Once the lawyer has viewed the details, they will make a formal claim for damages as the result of an injury. The defendant will obtain a chance to reply to this and tell their version with the incident. More here @

From there, your attorney will spend the time discovering information and details related to the situation. This phase is the discovery and motion stage. Both sides are allowed to collect info, documents and file motions and lasts from your time of filing to the time it goes to trial.

Many times, the case will not go to trial. A settlement may be reached. If this does not happen, then it is going to be presented before a jury. All of the information that was gathered throughout the previous step is given to the jury to decide the situation.

If the case is won by the victim, the jury awards a quantity they deem appropriate for damages. They also choose the payment of the award, and it could be fully payment or made via payments over time.

A personal injury litigation can be a long process and is frustrating to many people having to wait for all of the steps. Discovering a certified attorney who has experience with personal injury can help to make the procedure go by smoother and allow you to live your life normally again. Click here @


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