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So we recently were discussing Texas car accidents and the differences between an accident in a bumper to bumper traffic area like Downtown Dallas or Houston, as opposed to a higher speed less traveled area like I10 in the Hill Country. Lucky for us, Texas personal injury attorneys, of our Law Firm practicing in all of Texas as part of his law practice and he wrote this great article for us. motorcycle accident attorneys

Mike says that South Texas motorcycle accidents at intersections can lead to serious injuries and these can take an extended amount of time for the biker to heal. He said that the roads are less crowded and this mean some vehicles just don’t know how fast they are going. It is not uncommon for these motorcycle crashes to be caused by the driver of a motor vehicle that the driver does not yield to the bikers right of way or a collision when making turns.

Higher speeds confound this problem. Intersections can be the most dangerous place for the person riding a motorcycle when meeting with motor vehicles. When the motorcycle crash is caused by a driver’s actions they are considered to be negligent under the law. This will mean that they can be held responsible legally and the injured biker can recover damages.

The motorcycle rider that has been injured due to a driver’s negligence, with the representation of a South Texas motorcycle accident attorney hold them and their insurance company responsible. Motorcycle accident injury attorneys are able to investigate the accident, they have an understanding of the motorcycle accident statistics at intersections and they will be able to fight for the compensation that the injured biker deserves.

They have the litigation skills that are necessary when dealing with insurance companies and their team of experienced lawyers. This will take the stress off of the injured victim and allow the healing time that is needed without the financial stress that could happen if the motorcyclist does not have experienced legal representation.
South Texas motorcycle accident attorneys know the traffic patterns and how dangerous some intersections are, especially for the motorcycle rider. There is a vast difference in the amount of protection that the driver of a vehicle has compared to the motorcycle rider when an accident occurs. The biker has no seatbelt and has no airbags, what they have for protection is a helmet and possibly protective clothing.accident lawyers

This means the motorcycle rider involved in an accident in most cases is seriously injured and many are fatally injured, when the driver of a vehicle is careless, reckless or distracted. Motorcyclists suffer injuries that include traumatic brain injuries, severe neck and back injuries, fractured or broken bones, spinal cord injuries, severe gashes, cuts and skin abrasions. In some motorcycle accidents the rider can also suffer amputations or have serious limb injuries that result in amputations. These are injuries that require the representation of an experienced motorcycle accident lawyer to protect the riders rights.
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