How to Get a DWI/DUI Suspension Reduced in New Jersey

Experienced Bergen County defense attorneys fight for your license
For most people in New Jersey, a license suspension is the most burdensome aspect of a DUI conviction. The fines and fees are high, but it’s the license suspension that can bring your life to a complete standstill. A one-hour commute by car can become totally unmanageable when you must rely on public transportation, so if you can’t get a regular ride, you may be out of a job. At the Law Offices of Richard S. Greenberg, we understand the immense burden a prolonged license suspension causes our clients. Fortunately, we have the experience and skill to seek the best results possible given your circumstances.

No conditional license for drivers convicted of DWI
Other states allow drivers convicted of a first-offense DUI to use conditional licenses during the period of their suspension. A conditional license is restricted by time and purpose so drivers can commute to work or school without undue hardship. As a safeguard, these jurisdictions usually order the installation of an ignition interlock device so the driver cannot operate the car after consuming alcohol. However, New Jersey does not offer conditional licenses for any purpose. Once the court issues a license suspension, it’s absolute.

“Wet reckless? is not a statutory option
In many jurisdictions, there are statutory provisions for a plea bargain to a charge of reckless driving with alcohol or “wet reckless.? This allows the driver to escape the mandatory penalties prescribed for DUI. New Jersey law has no provision for wet reckless, so you can’t expect the prosecutor to put that option on the table.

Your only viable option is to find an attorney who can fight
An experienced criminal defense attorney who’s fought DUI cases before can help you avoid or mitigate a license suspension. Our attorneys have successfully managed cases involving first-time and repeat DWI/DUI and misdemeanor and felony DUI. Our attorneys act aggressively to challenge:

The basis for your traffic stop
The probable cause for your arrest
The accuracy and reliability of your Alcotest results
If we are successful in weakening the state’s case against you, we may be able to convince the prosecutor to drop the charges or accept a plea for reckless driving despite the absence of statutory authority. Even if the evidence warrants a conviction, our attorneys can make a persuasive case for the judge to exercise discretion regarding the length of your license suspension.



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