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New Jersey Personal Injury Law Firm Overview
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If you or a loved one suffers an injury, the advice of our skilled personal injury law firm in northern New Jersey can make all the difference. Injured victims and their families can face exorbitant medical expenses that can be financially crippling because of the injured party’s lost income. At the Law Offices of Richard S. Greenberg, we can help make your life a little easier.

Our accident attorneys in Bergen County, New Jersey are equipped to deal with a wide variety of personal injury law matters. With our highly regarded law firm on your side, you have the best chance for the justice and fair compensation you deserve.

How personal injury law works in New Jersey
To collect on a personal injury or wrongful death claim in New Jersey, you usually must prove that the person who caused the injury was negligent. That proof generally includes the following:

The person who caused your injury owed a duty to you.
The person failed to carry out that duty.
You suffered damages.
The failure of the other person caused your injury.
The value of your claim generally depends on the severity of your injury — whether it’s a brain injury, back injury or herniated disc — and the extent of your losses.

Evaluating a Firm
You carefully should select an attorney to defend your rights. Whether you suffer serious harm from an accident caused by a product defect, disfigurement from a dog bite or the loss of a loved one in a catastrophic truck or motorcycle accident, you need the right lawyer for your case. To find top-notch attorneys:

Research and compare firms. Compare the experience, reputation and areas of practice of the law offices in your area. Do not choose a law firm based on a flashy TV spot. Visit websites and get referrals.
Look for a firm with proven results in personal injury cases. Whether your case involves a car crash, construction accident, slip and fall accident or workplace injury, choose a law firm that deals with your type of case on a regular basis.
Seek out one that goes to trial. Choose an attorney who is prepared to go to trial and fight for you. Experienced lawyers know how to negotiate with insurance companies, but they are also not afraid to take a case to court.
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The attorneys of the Law Offices of Richard S. Greenberg are thoroughly familiar with personal injury laws in Bergen County and northern New Jersey. We offer the efficient representation and proven results that you need, and our firm charges no legal fees until we win a monetary award for you. For a free initial consultation, contact us online or call 201.371.5276 at any time. Se habla español.