Bergen County Defense Attorneys Fight New Jersey Traffic Offenses

Aggressive defense to fines, penalties and license suspensions
Though most traffic offenses in New Jersey are not technically crimes, they still carry harsh penalties, including fines, license points, license suspensions and even jail time. At the Law Offices of Richard S. Greenberg, our attorneys have the knowledge and experience to fight your ticket and minimize the damage done to your driving record. While success in any case depends on the facts, we have a strong record of positive results that reduce overall costs to our clients.

How New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission points affect you
The point system tallies your driving infractions. It can affect your driving privileges and cost you money:

Receiving six points within three years results in a surcharge of at least $150 that can last for three years.
After you receive 12 points, the state suspends your license.
Points on your license may result in increases to your insurance premiums.
You must go one year without a violation or enter an approved driver education program to get three points off your license. It is always easier to accumulate points than to get them off your record. If you’ve been cited for a traffic violation, you must fight that ticket to protect your driving record.

Experienced municipal court attorneys fight NJ traffic charges
An experienced attorney can help you by exposing weaknesses in the state’s case against you so the prosecutor either reduces the charges or dismisses the ticket. Our attorneys know how to fight a speeding ticket. Whether you were racing on the highway or speeding, or accused of reckless driving or careless driving, we may be able to keep points off your license and help you avoid a license suspension. We also have extensive experience helping young people charged with probationary license violations preserve their driving privileges.

Contact our Bergen County defense attorneys to fight your traffic citation
A moving violation in New Jersey is costly in many ways and may even include jail time. For an aggressive defense that can save you money and preserve your driver license, call the Law Offices of Richard S. Greenberg at 201.371.5276 at any time or contact us online. Our office is just 1 mile north of the George Washington Bridge, Exit 1 off the Palisades Parkway, and it’s easily accessible by bus or New Jersey Transit.


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