Bergen County Attorneys Fight Third-Party Lawsuits for Workplace Accidents

Pain and suffering compensation when negligence is the cause
At the Law Offices of Richard S. Greenberg, we want our clients to recover the maximum amount of compensation possible for their injuries. For on-the-job accidents, New Jersey’s workers’ compensation law entitles injured workers to have their medical bills paid and to receive a portion of their lost income. But this works out to a net loss for the worker.

Personal injury law is intended to make the victim whole, so it should place you in the position you’d enjoy if you were never injured by ordering compensation for your total economic losses and your pain and suffering. However, workers’ compensation protects employers and co-workers from personal injury lawsuits, even if their negligence caused a worker’s injury. Your only opportunity to recover personal injury damages is if a third party was responsible for your injury.

Third-party lawsuits in New Jersey for work-related accidents
Several workplace accident scenarios support a third-party lawsuit against a negligent person or entity that caused your injury:

Construction accidents — Several subcontractors may be working on different aspects of a project under separate agreements with one general contractor. If a subcontractor or its employee acts negligently and injures the employee of another subcontractor, there is no employer or co-worker relationship to bar a personal injury lawsuit.
Defective industrial equipment — When workers sustain injuries due to a defect in manufacturing equipment or power tools, they can initiate a products liability claim against the equipment manufacturer.
Traffic accidents — Delivery drivers and salespeople are on the job when they are in their vehicles. If a negligent driver injures them, they can receive workers’ comp benefits, but they also have grounds for a lawsuit, as would any driver injured by a careless motorist.
Bergen County attorneys deliver results in third-party lawsuits for work-related injuries
The attorneys at the Law Offices of Richard S. Greenberg can determine whether you have grounds for a third-party lawsuit and aggressively protect your interests. Easily accessible by bus or New Jersey Transit, our office is just 1 mile north of the George Washington Bridge, Exit 1 off the Palisades Parkway.


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