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How to Fight a Speeding Ticket in New Jersey

Bergen County attorneys have the skill and experience to win
A speeding ticket in New Jersey is very costly. With the fine, the points and the increased insurance premiums, you have little choice but to fight. A skilled attorney can seek a reduction in the fine and points and may even be able to get a dismissal of the ticket. At the Law Offices of Richard S. Greenberg, our defense attorneys take an aggressive approach, challenging every aspect of the state’s case. Although a speeding ticket often comes down to the officer’s word against the driver’s, there are ways to introduce enough doubt to weaken the case against you so the prosecutor will reduce the charges or decline to press the case. When you retain one of our traffic offense lawyers, we fight hard for your best possible outcome.

Challenging the allegations that you were speeding
Fighting a speeding ticket is an uphill battle, but a skilled attorney can successfully challenge the basis for your ticket. Law enforcement uses these methods to assess whether a vehicle is speeding:

Radar — Whether the officer uses a traditional radar gun like the K-55 or a laser radar gun, there are limits regarding the efficacy of the equipment, and the law requires regular maintenance and recalibration of these tools so they provide more accurate readings. Moreover, the state must demonstrate that the officer is trained and proficient in the use of radar. If the officer operated the radar while in a moving vehicle, the state must show that the patrol car speedometer was properly calibrated.
Pacing — The patrol car follows a vehicle at a set distance for a long enough time to establish the speed using the patrol car’s speedometer. Again, the state must show that the patrol car’s speedometer was properly calibrated. The officer must also present plausible testimony regarding the circumstances that allowed the pacing to be conducted.
Beating a speeding ticket in New Jersey is rarely easy, but with an attorney who’s experienced in traffic ticket cases, you may be able to save yourself a hefty fine and a license suspension resulting from too many points.